About our share offer

Brighton Energy Co-operative invites you to invest in community-owned solar generation, an increasingly popular model for funding local green energy projects.

The idea is simple. You invest in Brighton Energy Co-operative by purchasing shares. Each share is worth £1: the minimum you can buy is 400, the maximum 20,000.

Once we’ve raised the money we’ll install four large solar photovoltaic systems: two on roofs at Shoreham Port, one at St Georges Church (Kemptown) and another at City Coast Church (Portslade). Our combined arrays will generate more than 2600 MWh of electricity over their lifetime — enough to power 40 homes and save 1,085 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

As soon the arrays are completed, Brighton Energy Co-operative will also start to generate income through the Government-backed feed-in-tariff, a 25-year fixed rate subsidy paid for the generation of renewable energy. This income will be used for paying annual interest to investors (after three years), investing in low carbon community projects throughout Brighton & Hove, capital repayments and administration.

Our scheme is designed and costed to be self-sustaining over its lifetime of 25 years. The electricity generated will be used on site or bought by Good Energy, suppliers of 100% renewable electricity.

You will be able to download our share invite from the 2nd November. Meanwhile you can make a pledge here and we’ll let you know when the share invite is ready.

For more details, please visit our FAQs.