Help us build more renewable energy in Brighton!

transparent logoWe’ve already built more than £1.5m of community-funded solar PV. With your help in 2017, we’d like to double that!

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A reasonable return - and we all benefit

Brighton Energy Coop members receive 5% interest on their investment each year – our solar PV systems also fund other renewable energy organisations in the city.





Community power builds renewable energy

Our solar systems are funded by our members – hundreds of people have joined in the past two years, helping to support our new and existing solar PV systems.



Join Us!

By joining BEC you’ll be helping push new renewable energy projects in our area – and being part of a dynamic, progressive organisation committed to community-owned resources.



Our Partners

Brighton Energy Coop operates with many partners across our city and beyond. We have a variety of different organisations that host our community -owned solar panels including churches, residential blocks, schools, industrial facilities and many others. See here for more details about our partnerships and hosting your own solar panels.