Slash Your Energy Bills with Brighton Energy Coop Solar

A community-owned initiative, BEC is the long-term solar partner of many organisations in the south. We rent roofspaces, install solar panels and supply our hosts with affordable solar electricity.

Discover the Power of Affordable Solar Energy

We work with a growing range of businesses and institutions:

  • Local Authorities: Brighton and Hove City Council, Adur and Worthing District Council.
  • Business Owners: Ports, leisure centres, museums, engineering companies, logistics hubs, football clubs, and two wine estates.
  • Educational Institutions: The University of Brighton, Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, and fifteen schools.

Why Choose Brighton Energy Coop?

  • Proven Track Record: With 14 years of experience, we consistently deliver lower rates on electricity bills.
  • Diverse Portfolio: We currently work with 50+ organisations, from small businesses to local councils.
  • Sustainable Savings: Transition to renewable energy with our high-performance solar PV systems.

Benefits of Partnering with Us

  • Long-term Low Energy Costs: Enjoy significant savings on your electricity bills.
  • Sustainable Energy: Contribute to a greener environment by using renewable solar energy.
  • Reliable Service: Benefit from our extensive experience and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Empowering Energy Education: Our Work in Local Schools

We are dedicated to supporting local schools through our innovative Solar Education Programme. By partnering with schools, we assist staff in educating children about solar energy and sustainability.

Our educators frequently visit schools to host interactive workshops, with a standout activity being the building and racing of electric cars. This hands-on experience not only excites students but also teaches them about renewable energy in a fun and engaging way.


  • We deliver educational materials that help students understand electricity graphs, the function and benefits of solar panels, and undertake projects aligned with the curriculum.


  • We engage with eco clubs, select classes, or teacher groups, discussing solar energy and offering opportunities to survey the solar panels installed on school premises.

Student Assemblies

  • Our staff lead assemblies focused on solar power, energy conservation, and a school’s journey toward decarbonization, inspiring students to think critically about their energy use.

School Support

We provide schools with essential materials and data that can be integrated into the curriculum. For example, students might investigate their school’s baseload or analyze solar output data, providing real-world applications of their studies.

Additionally, we install community-owned solar panels on school rooftops, significantly contributing to local sustainability efforts.

Grants to schools

We also offer grants for subscriptions to the EnergySparks platform. This specialized tool enables schools to assess and improve their energy performance, fostering a more energy-efficient environment.

Through these efforts, we aim to educate and inspire the next generation about the importance of renewable energy and sustainability, making a lasting impact on both the students and the community.


Get in Contact and reduce your energy bill

Becoming a BEC partner means a significant portion of your electricity supply comes from green energy – and a better deal for your business energy bill. If you’re interested in our energy solutions drop us a line for a business electricity comparison. We’ll be right back to you to discuss the best fit for your energy needs.


Lower Rates for Small Businesses – Case Study: Refine Metals, Surrey

By hosting BEC solar Refine Metals in Surrey save more than £7000 each year on electricity costs. As part of their energy strategy, Refine have a 25-year agreement with BEC to supply them with electricity from our solar panels.


Annual Savings on Refine's Electricity Bill (£)

CO2 Emissions Saved (tons per year)

Lock in Energy Savings and Sustainability

A long-term solar contract ensures stable energy costs, maintenance coverage, and reduced carbon footprints. Brighton Energy Coop reinvests profits locally, supports community projects, and guarantees high-quality installations. Our ethical and sustainablily focus makes us a reliable partner for long-term financial savings and environmental benefits.

We worked closely with Brighton Energy to install solar PV on our four sites in Worthing and Brighton. BEC have been helpful, responsive to our requirements, and really straightforward to work with.”

Jon Rollings

Head of Facilities, Greater Brighton Metropolitan College

Free Solar Consultancy

We’re on hand to help guide you through the process of your next energy contract and the needs of your business. Having operated large rooftop solar systems for twelve years (see details of all our projects here), we have all the required knowledge – from understanding how solar will impact your electricity consumption to system design to commissioning.

Case Study – Portslade Academy

Portslade Aldridge Community Academy (PACA) partners with Brighton Energy Coop to house 400 community-owned solar panels.

The academy’s 25-year lease agreement with BEC means consistent, predictable electricity prices and will save thousands of tonnes of carbon over the solar system’s lifetime. The solar PV system was developed by our in-house team and was built by our main contractor, GenFit.

Annual Savings on PACA's Electricity Bill (£)

CO2 Emission Saved (tons per year)