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Community Energy takes on Fracking as 15 community energy schemes launch across Sussex

Balcombe hit the headlines again this week: not because of the Sauron-like threat of evil Cuadrilla, but because plucky locals in the village have started their own community energy scheme: REPOWERBalcombe. Indeed, REPOWERBalcombe is one of 15 energy coops launched recently across Sussex. Under the mentoring of Community Energy South, these community groups are now [...]

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Community involvement with solar farms: what it means for councillors, planners and community groups

Above: the largest community-owned solar farm in the UK: Westmill Solar Coop near Oxford, where 5000 local people own £16 million of solar PV. Many places across the country are seeing solar farm developments. Interestingly, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has also recently issued guidance that new renewable developments should have a [...]

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Hi folks, If you’re interested to find out more about community energy, and the challenges that more renewables pose to our grid infrastructure, come along to the inaugural talk in the POWER TO THE PEOPLE series in Brighton, organised by our friends at Community Energy South. STEVE HALSEY will be speaking on: “KEEPING THE LIGHTS [...]

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Scaling up Community Energy: a how-to Guide

  We’ve done well. Really well. The 40-odd energy coops that exist across the country have so far raised £18m quid for spanking new renewable installations. In 2013 131 new energy coops were registered, so we’re looking forward to seeing things grow hugely in 2014. Exciting times. Reclaiming the Energy Sector And yet while this [...]

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£400,000 raised, £50,000 to go!

Hi folks, Brighton Energy Coop has now raised the rather incredible total of £400,000, leaving just £50,000 before we can install our second huge solar project at Shoreham Port. You can help us achieve our latest target: by becoming a member of Brighton Energy Coop you’ll join hundreds of other people supporting community energy in [...]

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David Cameron: Come and have a chat with Brighton Energy Coop

At Prime Minister’s Questions today Brighton MP Caroline Lucas invited David Cameron to visit Brighton Energy Coop and see what clean, affordable energy generation really looks like. We’d like to second that (we’re a hospitable bunch): you’d be most welcome, Mr Cameron. You could have a look at our growing portfolio of renewable projects, and [...]

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New Brighton Energy Coop project begins!

Hi folks, I’ve very pleased to say that our new 212kWp solar array at Shoreham Port is now ready to generate. Delivered on time and on budget, we’ve just a few more things to connect to the grid and we’ll be ready to go! And we’re not finished yet. Our second project – another giant [...]

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