Community Energy at Shoreham Port

Community Solar PV at Shoreham Port in West Sussex

A Major Centre for Renewable Energy

BEC’s solar PV support the Port in becoming a major centre for renewable energy

Community-owned Solar PV

Our solar systems save the Port thousands of pounds each year on electricity bills


Major Solar PV systems

Saved on the Port's electricity bill each year (£)

Brighton Energy Coop has a long-standing partnership with Shoreham Port, one of the largest cargo-handling ports on the south coast.

BEC owns more than 2000 solar panels on Port buildings – on two large industrial sheds and at a Port-owned business centre. These systems generate a substantial proportion of the energy used to operate this crucial Sussex facility.

All BEC’s PV systems at the Port were developed by our in-house team and were built in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

  • Community Funded: 100% 100%

Total Capital cost (£)

Number of BEC members investing in Port solar projects

Annual Generation (kWh)

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