As the millions of people planting trees in Ethiopia this week showed (see above), with enough will power, there’s plenty that people can do about climate change.

Here in Brighton we’re doing our bit. With the support of people like you, since November £800,000 has been invested into new solar systems via BEC. That’s a humbling acheivement, particularly since it adds to the £1.9m we’ve already raised.

Our most recent solar builds are on Brighton and Hove schools. This week we’re on site at Hove Park Upper School; next week we start at Carden Primary School, followed by Hertford Infants Primary, and then Blatchington Mill school. Every panel is a step towards a cleaner, carbon-free future for the kids that attend these great Brighton institutions.

Solar production at Woodingdean Primary School on 31st July 2019 (the system was installed in April). Blue shows solar energy used by the school; green is electricity exported to the grid and red the energy imported. Solar Energy powered 74% of the schools electricity needs.

Your help is fundamental. We cannot continue to build this stuff without your support. Investment in BEC is easy – check out what it means to become a member here  or visit our page on our fundraising partner – Ethex’s website – here

You can also support us by following and sharing our posts on Facebook. Indeed, the message is getting out: recently 150,000 people saw one of our posts. A supporter even mentioned BEC to Jeremy Corybn yesterday! And yet this is not just about solar. BEC also supports like-minded community organisations via our community fund; and we’re proud that we recently donated £1000 to Brighton Extinction Rebellion.

Brighton Energy Coop is about people taking action on climate change – join us.


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