EARTH DAY celebrates its 51st birthday today. Established in 1970 as a mass ‘teach-in’ for environmental protection, last year 100 million people participated in Earth Day activities – the largest online mass mobilization in history.

Yet 2021 sees more environmental campaigners and activists in prison or assassinated than ever before. 

Those standing up for the environment have always been persecuted, scapegoated or brushed under the carpet by financial interests not served by the conservation, preservation and enhancement of life on Earth.

Yet even in the face of this persecution, in the last fifty years the global movement against climate change has thrown the issues surrounding our home to the top of the political agenda. This amazing work by brave millions – year after year – has created this pivotal moment in our history. 

With world leaders currently scrambling to announce carbon commitments, those campaigning for the future are not to be treated as the nemeses of the present. After all, what is the purpose of innovation, invention, commerce and law if we are destined to fail as a race?

And don’t be side-tracked by shiny commercial operations offering space clean up services, to block out the sun or voyages to Mars. Robot slavers and space fantasists can leave their neuroses at home.

With the COP26 in Glasgow this year – it’s time our leaders take significant, concrete, and accountable steps. And halt the persecution of those who – in the face of giant odds – are courageous enough to stand up for what is in all our interests – our home, Earth.

For Earth Day 2021 our friends at BHESCo are bringing together an expert panel to explore better ways to heat and power our lives that safeguard our planet. Free tickets for this online event are available here.  

Happy Earth Day!

Brighton Energy Co-op

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