Westdene Primary School Goes Solar! 

Westdene Primary & Nursery School is 11th Brighton & Hove school to receive a free solar electricity system from Brighton Energy Co-op 

Brighton Energy Co-op (BEC) switched on Westdene Primary School & Nursery’s free BEC solar system in March 2021. With the money raised from Brighton Energy Co-op Members, BEC has been able to install 60kW of Solar PV on the school roof to reduce the school’s electricity bills and carbon (CO2) emissions. The school doesn’t have to pay a penny towards the installation and will start saving money and reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere immediately!  

Brighton Energy Co-op have been working with the forward-thinking school staff and governors to give the school a cleaner and more sustainable energy system, that also helps ensure energy security for the UK as a whole. 

Community-owned, locally produced renewable energy is a simple way we can all help the UK achieve Net Zero by 2050, to reduce harmful levels of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere. Westdene is the 11th Brighton & Hove school BEC have given free solar panels to, but they need more local schools to move boldly towards a ‘future proofed’ energy system that helps the environment. Do you know a school that might wish to come on board? Talk to your head teacher and see what they think.  You can contact BEC here. 

Westdene Primary School & Nursery is located in the leafy central valley between the A27 and London Road, on the northern outskirts of Brighton. It is a popular school with over 440 infant and junior aged (3 to 11 years) pupils on the roll.  You can find out more about this eco-minded school click here.  

westdene primary solar school

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