BEC Solar at Amberley Museum – the equivalent of planting 1500 trees a year!

Brighton Energy partners with Amberley Museum in West Sussex to provide museum with bountiful amounts of clean energy.  The 200 solar panels (45kW) at Amberley save the equivalent of planting 1500 trees each year.  Hosted on the ‘Connected Earth’ building, which highlights the history of communications, BEC’s solar installation has saved the museum thousands of pounds too. Appropriately the solar helps to power the Electrical history building – Electricity Hall. The panels were funded by BEC members, following a fundraiser in early 2019, and were installed just before Lockdown #1. 

Amberley has recently conducted an innovative CO2 audit to understand what sort of impact the organisation has on the environment. Including the solar and the carbon sequestration via many trees that dot the site, the audit revealed the museum to be carbon negative.  They have also added a special World Environment Day to their annual events calendar. We highly recommend a visit to this wonderful rural museum.  It’s beautiful setting and friendly volunteers make it a superb day out for the whole family.

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