BEC is continuing the roll out of its electric car charge points, the latest at Amberley Museum, West Sussex.

Amberley may be a museum of the technical wonders of the past but it’s green credentials are firmly in the future. The museum buildings already host 45kWp of solar PV on the roof which BEC installed in 2019. BEC has now installed a 7kW EV charge point on site. The solar panels power the site and the EV charger, with clean, green energy, which means visitors can top up their electric cars with locally produced, renewable electricity.

The museum’s Electricity Hall & transport sections host fine examples of how the power and transport systems worked in the past but the solar on the roof and the EV charging posts demonstrate Amberley’s aims to enable a clean, green future.

Located in the museum carpark next to Amberley train station, check the latest museum opening hours here.

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