Brighton Energy Coop have just launched our latest share offer – to fund 578kWp of new community-owned solar PV at Rathfinny Wine Estate in Sussex.

We’ve teamed up with Rathfinny – the latest of our more than 40 solar landlords – to host nearly 1500 solar panels. This will be BEC’s biggest solar system to date and will generate power for the winery buildings, shop and accommodation. You can see full details of the project here, and buy shares here.

This is our latest share offering (our tenth!) , and a chance for you to get involved. By buying shares in BEC you get an equal voice in how BEC is managed, help develop a local, affordable energy supply, and ensure the benefits of locally-based renewables are retained locally. And, crucially, you help us take action on climate change – our new system will save 400 tons of carbon each year.

The energy crisis is never far from people’s lips these days. But the solution – using less gas – seems beyond the intellectual reach of most commentators. Well, here at BEC, we beg to differ. As well being carbon positive, our renewable energy is cheap. That means we’re saving local businesses – like Rathfinny – hundreds of thousands of pounds on their electricity bills.

For shares issued in this offer we’re projecting a return rate of 5% for the first 2 years and 3.5% thereafter. This is, we think, a rate that is sufficient to raise the capital we need for Rathfinny; as some of you may know, this sort of rate is in line with other community energy offers in the last few years. And with 12 years of operating experience under our belt, we think BEC provides a trusted, reliable investment partner. Again, check out full details of the project here.

At the last count BEC had more than 600 investors, and it’s an inspiration to have so many people as part of what we are doing. You can join them by becoming a member of Brighton Energy Coop and add your voice to the community energy revolution that’s building in Brighton – and beyond.

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