Brighton Energy Co-op members funded and built a 250kW system of 909 x 275W panels for East Sussex College’s Ore Valley campus in March 2019.  It generated 234 MWh in 2021 – the equivalent to boiling a kettle a million times! The financial savings for the college are a minimum of £4k per year with 72% of its electricity needs now being produced on its roof.  BEC’s system also stops over 105 tonnes of CO2 from being released each year.  

BEC’s Chairperson Will Cottrell said 

“The college will become a beacon of how green energy can benefit the local area – saving the college money, educating the student and increasing the amount of locally generated green energy. We encourage other community organisations to talk to us about how they could also benefit from becoming generators of solar energy.”

You can watch BEC’s drone footage of the college here, read East Sussex College’s article about the installation here or see all of our projects here.

Be a part of the green energy revolution – you can join BEC here. 

Hastings Ore Valley Campus Solar Roof

Over 900 solar panels make up the 250kW system

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