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So – fresh for 2023 – we’re moving on to our next major project. This will be 750kwp of new solar, or around 2000 solar panels, at a local port.

To fund this exciting new Brighton Energy Co-op project, we are going to do something different. For the first time we will raise money via a bond offer (compared to the nearly 4 million pounds of shares that we’ve sold to date).

The bond will have an interest rate of 6.5% p.a., and be redeemable after five years. We’ll be looking to raise a total around seven hundred thousand pounds in this way.

This is the first time we’ve offered a debt-based investment in BEC. The bond will be secured on the entire BEC organisation (not just on the new solar array) and is the only debt that BEC has.

 We aim to launch the bond in February, but at this stage it would be very useful for us to gauge interest in this new offer.

So – if you’re interested in our 6.5% fixed 5 year bond, fill in the form here and we’ll keep you updated.

Any questions just let me know, and thanks for your interest.

BEC (Brighton Energy Co-op)

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