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BEC Installs Solar-connected EV Charger Network

So can EV charge points make a meaningful contribution to community energy projects? Potentially.

Our research project has now finished and the final report can be downloaded here.

“With the phasing out of fossil fuel powered vehicles over coming years, there will be a mass conversion to electric vehicles, alongside encouragement to use more sustainable forms of transport. Siting the chargers alongside renewable generation not only gives a greener charge for the car, it also is a lower cost source of electricity, but being able to identify which source is being used is key to minimising cost of electricity supplied to the charger and therefore margins which can then be put towards funding community projects. Choosing the location of your charge point carefully is also key to ensuring regular usage. Our report contains lots of top tips for community energy organisations thinking about installing charge points. We have also developed several tools for assessing site suitability, forecasting future revenues, template contracts etc which are available to other community energy groups on request.” Damain Tow can be contacted at


Find out more in this short video of our Director in charge of the project, Damian Tow here.

We still have great plans to do more for the transition to clean renewable energy – see details of all our projects here and you can join BEC here and help make the it happen


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