BEC’s core objective is to take local action on #climatechangePart of that involves building new solar systems. But it also involves making our solar systems work as efficiently as possible.

The metric that BEC uses for working out how much energy we get from each solar panel is ‘kilowatt hours per kilowatt peak ‘, or ‘kWh/kWp’. Our latest kWh/kWp figures show we achieved 977 kWh/kWp in 2022, up from 892 kWh/kWp in 2021 – making it our best year ever!  See the chart below for our kWh/kWp for the past few years.

You might fairly argue that 2022 was a sunnier year, so we correlated our kWh/kWp with Met Office sunlight data from Eastbourne. That showed that 2022 was actually less sunny than our previous best production year (2017), and we still produced MORE energy per kWp! Woo hoo!

So we take our hat off to the Sun that powers our 60+ community energy solar systems that save our host partners (local schools, colleges, universities & businesses) money on their fuel bills and reduces Sussex’s carbon footprint as whole.

We club together to increase local production of renewable energy and improve our energy security.  If you’re interested in supporting our next set of exciting local solar projects sign up for our newsletter here so we can alert you. We can’t do any of this without you – our wonderful members and supporters – thank you!

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