Brighton Energy Launches 6.5%, 5 Year Solar Bond – Invest Now!

Hi there,

I’m very pleased to tell you that we’ve just launched our first solar bond offering 6.5% interest per annum, with a five year term.

Over the course of the last twelve years we’ve raised £4 million or so via share offers (nine of them).

This time we’re looking to raise just short of £700,000 with the bond, and so fund 755kWp of new solar at Cardinal Newman School, as well as new PV systems at Newhaven and Shoreham Ports.

A snapshot of the Bond is below; for a lot more detail you can download the Bond Offer Document here, or see it on our website here.

To invest, it’s here

The Climate Crisis demands that we take action. On a global scale we can do little. But on a local scale great things can be done – and you can be a part of making it happen.

Chairman, Brighton Energy Coop

Interest Rate: 6.5% per annum

Minimum investment: £300

Maximum investment: £100,000

Fundraise target: £699,117

Issuer: Brighton Energy Limited, 47 Montpelier Road, Brighton, BN1 3BA
Incorporation: Incorporated in 2010 as Community Benefit Society 31107R

Bond offer closes: 1/10/23

Bond value: 1 pound per Bond

Who can Invest: Individuals over 18, and also from companies and organisations.

Interest payment: The Bonds have an interest rate of 6.5% per annum, payable yearly, accruing from the Interest Date. Interest payments will be made within 90 days of the yearly anniversary
of this date.

Initial term: 5 years

Closing date : 1st October 2023

Issue date: 1st October 2023 (bond certificates will be issued in the month following the closing date)

Interest Date: 1st October 2023

Final Maturity: 25 years, at which point the Bonds will be cancelled, and any outstanding interest will be paid and outstanding capital returned.

Security: Unsecured

Cancellation: The Bonds may be cancelled by the BEL board in whole or in part (and all related capital returned ) if sufficient solar PV sites are not completed in the first year. Refunds will be based on a last-in-first-out basis.

Cardinal Newman School is our latest solar school partner. This large secondary school is an ideal host for our solar panels – the large PV system here will allow the school to source more than 50% of its power from clean energy. ­­

Newhaven Port becomes our second partner port this summer with 360kWp of new solar panels. The port adds to a growing list of major local insitiutions that entrust BEL with their solar ambitions.

The Port Kitchen at Shoreham Port

We’re pleased to be back at our long-time partner Shoreham Port this summer, with solar panels on the popular Port Kitchen Cafe, as well as the Maritime House business Centre and the port HQ, Nautilus House.

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