The Hylands Group are a petrol forecourt with a convenience store based in Great Bookham. They are open 27/7, 365 days a year. Their convenience store uses a lot of energy for refrigeration, heating and compressors.

The flat canopy of the forecourt and the tiled roof of the shop are suitable areas for solar PV. With no shading from surrounding buildings, the solar PV efficiency could be maximised.

The Hylands Group were able to install a capacity of 39.24kW with help from the Community Solar Accelerator grant. They received a £12,700 grant towards their installation through this ERDF-funded scheme.

Their electricity price increased 4-fold during the energy crisis. This also opened conversations about reducing energy consumption and waste within the business to minimise the amount of electricity being used.

“This is a huge increase and not something that can be easily absorbed and so from a financial point of view this project will be critical to the future of the business.” Danyal Shoaib, director

Hylands Group had 72 solar panels installed that are expected to generate 34,300 kWh per year. The annual cost savings will be around £21,500 every year which means that the payback will be less than 1 year, making the project a no-brainer.

“In addition to the monetary aspect, this helps us in the transformation of our business. As we move away from selling hydrocarbons, we will also need to look at alternatives such as hydrogen and EV charging and this helps us in beginning to get to that point. [We] hope this will also encourage others to look at moving to a “greener” future. “ Danyal Shoaib, director

Solar Impact in Numbers

Size or Solar PV array:  39.24 kWp

Predicted production of electricity:  34,300 kWh per year

Predicted cost savings: £21,500 in the first year

Return on Investment:   < 1 year

Grant Amount Received: £12,700

Expected lifetime of the solar PV system: 25-30 years

Carbon Reduction: 12 tonnes CO2e* per year

Date of install: April 2023

*CO2e calculated with conversion factor of 0.35156kg CO2e/kWh as confirmed with the managing authority.

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