Rhopoint Instruments Ltd manufacture test equipment primarily focussed towards appearance quality measurement. They are keen to further enhance the energy performance of their building and business with the addition of solar PV on their wave-shaped roof.

They successfully applied to the Community Solar Accelerator grant and were awarded the maximum grant amount of £25,000. They had a 69kW solar PV array installed which predicts an output of 72,000kWh per year.

Rhopoint Instruments Ltd completed various analysis of the project and first year performance savings are expected to be around £13,250. The expected payback period is around 4 years.

Alongside the financial benefit, Rhopoint Instruments Ltd is keen to enhance their vision for carbon neutrality.

“The company is currently certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and solar panels align with the policy and vision of the company, alongside reducing financial and environmental impact.” Bradley Taylor, QHSE Lead

Solar Impact in Numbers

Size or Solar PV array:  69kWp

Predicted production of electricity:  72,000 kWh per year

Predicted cost savings: £13,250 in the first year

Return on Investment:  3-4 years

Grant Amount Received: £25,000

Expected lifetime of the solar PV system: 25-30 years

Carbon Reduction: 25.3 tonnes CO2e* per year

Date of install: May 2023

*CO2e calculated with conversion factor of 0.35156kg CO2e/kWh as confirmed with the managing authority.


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