Camelot Chilled Foods Ltd offer a wide range of chilled foods and they are a trusted partner for the wholesale distribution of chilled and ambient food products. Since 1997, the company has been trading chilled products covering London and beyond the Coast to capital area.

Cooling processes are energy intensive, that’s why Camelot Chilled Foods were looking to reduce energy costs as well as their carbon footprint with a PV installation at their premises in Crawley.

They successfully applied for a £25,000 grant from the Community Solar Accelerator programme to help finance their 124kW solar array. This is expected to generate a total of 127,328.00kWh per year. At the current electricity rates, the annual savings are estimated to be around £50,000 which means that the return on investment is between 1-2 years.

Solar Impact in Numbers

Size or Solar PV array:  124 kWp

Predicted production of electricity: 127,000kWh per year

Predicted cost savings: £51,000 in the first year

Return on Investment:  1-2 years

Grant Amount Received: £25,000

Expected lifetime of the solar PV system: 25-30 years

Carbon Reduction: 44.7 tonnes CO2e* per year

Date of install: June 2023

*CO2e calculated with conversion factor of 0.35156kg CO2e/kWh as confirmed with the managing authority.


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