Fine Cut are an industrial printing, marking and cutting company based in Lancing. They produce anything from labels, plaques, signs to graphic overlays and bespoke trophies, and have been running since 1982.

The production of these is an energy intensive process, and the installation of solar PV will have a significant beneficial impact financially and environmentally. Fine Cut received a £25,000 grant from the Community Solar Accelerator scheme to make the project happen.

They had a 97kW Solar PV array installed which will produce around 97,600kWh annually. Over 200 solar panels were placed on the South-facing pitched roof as well as on flat roof.

“Having come through a very tough 2021, pressure on businesses to maintain employment has never been greater […] Couple this with the major increases we are seeing in energy and material prices further increase the burden. To combat these energy increases we as a business are looking at ways to improve our energy usage and insulation efficiency.” Peter Tyler, Director

As a result, Fine Cut increased their energy efficiency across the business, implementing a number of low-carbon measures alongside the solar PV.

The financial savings are estimated to be around £18,500 in the first year. This might increase in coming years if the new contracted unit rate of electricity increases. Therefore, it is likely that the return on investment will be between 3-4 years.

Solar Impact in Numbers

Size or Solar PV array:  97 kWp

Predicted production of electricity: 97,600 kWh per year

Predicted cost savings: £18,500 in the first year

Return on Investment:   3-4 years

Grant Amount Received: £25,000

Expected lifetime of the solar PV system: 25-30 years

Carbon Reduction: 34.4 tonnes CO2e* per year

Date of install:  Sep 2023

*CO2e calculated with conversion factor of 0.35156kg CO2e/kWh as confirmed with the managing authority.


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