Selsey Press are professional printers who specialise in digital printing and litho printing. They were founded in 1963 and are based in Selsey, West Sussex. As an environmentally conscious business, Selsey Press encourage their customers to choose environmentally friendly paper products over plastics. They are also FSC certified and are keen to run their presses with solar energy to further reduce their carbon footprint.

The printing presses consume a lot of electricity, and Solar PV presented a good opportunity to reduce the business’ energy costs and carbon footprint.

“The solar energy will be directly used by our company to run our presses and binding machinery. We have already installed LED lighting throughout the factory and run low energy UV presses.” Robin Tyler

The Community Solar Accelerator scheme awarded Selsey Press with a £22,500 grant towards their 65kW solar PV installation.  The solar PV array is comprised of 170 solar panels with an estimated output of 56,600 kWh per year.

The financial savings at the current rate per year is predicted to be around £12,000. This means a return on investment of between 2-3 years.

“The benefits of installing Solar PV will be great for our company. This will really help our business as we try to recover from the downturn as a result of the pandemic and the rising energy costs. We strive to improve our environmental impact. This is evident in our certification and annual auditing of the ISO14001 standard which directly ensures we lower our environmental impact as much as possible.” Robin Tyler

Solar Impact in Numbers

Size or Solar PV array:  65 kWp

Predicted production of electricity: 56,600 kWh per year

Predicted cost savings: £12,000 in the first year

Return on Investment:  2-3 years

Grant Amount Received: £22,500

Expected lifetime of the solar PV system: 25-30 years

Carbon Reduction: 19.9 tonnes CO2e* per year

Date of install: Nov 2022

*CO2e calculated with conversion factor of 0.35156kg CO2e/kWh as confirmed with the managing authority.


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