Community Solar Accelerator was a grant scheme run by Brighton Energy Co-op between 2021-2023. It was funded by the EU’s European Regional Development Fund. The grant provided match-funding to businesses wishing to reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills via solar PV and charging points for electric vehicles.

The scheme was well received by businesses at a time when energy prices started spiralling out of control, putting a lot of pressure on SMEs. The added financial burden after the pandemic meant that many had to make tough choices, and the grant support for the installation of solar PV provided a welcome relief.

Solar PV panels generate electricity when the sun is shining which is then used directly by the owner. This helps build resilience as businesses are taking control of their energy usage which results in significant cost savings in energy bills whilst also cutting carbon emissions.

BEC Co-founder, Damian Tow, added that he was “proud to work with his colleagues and the SME leaders to make the project a success and deliver significant financial and CO2 savings.”

Brighton Energy Co-op provided a total of £714.400 in grant money to 33 SME businesses in the Coast to Capital area. The total solar electricity generated by these newly installed systems will be 2,414,000 kWh every year. That’s an enormous carbon saving of 848 tonnes! Plus tens of thousands of £s shaved off the SMEs electricity bills. Take a look at the case studies here.

If you know a local business that uses lots of electricity and has a large roof they can still come to Brighton Energy Co-op for a fully funded community-owned solar system. Contact our New Projects Developer

See a map of all BEC’s solar sites and solar connected EV Charger Network here

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