Empowering Energy Education: Our Work in Local Schools

We are dedicated to supporting local schools through our innovative Solar Education Programme. By partnering with schools, we assist staff in educating children about solar energy and sustainability.

Our educators frequently visit schools to host interactive workshops, with a standout activity being the building and racing of electric cars. This hands-on experience not only excites students but also teaches them about renewable energy in a fun and engaging way.


  • We deliver educational materials that help students understand electricity graphs, the function and benefits of solar panels, and undertake projects aligned with the curriculum.


  • We engage with eco clubs, select classes, or teacher groups, discussing solar energy and offering opportunities to survey the solar panels installed on school premises.

Student Assemblies

  • Our staff lead assemblies focused on solar power, energy conservation, and a school’s journey toward decarbonization, inspiring students to think critically about their energy use.

School Support

We provide schools with essential materials and data that can be integrated into the curriculum. For example, students might investigate their school’s baseload or analyze solar output data, providing real-world applications of their studies.

Additionally, we install community-owned solar panels on school rooftops, significantly contributing to local sustainability efforts.

Grants to schools

We also offer grants for subscriptions to the EnergySparks platform. This specialized tool enables schools to assess and improve their energy performance, fostering a more energy-efficient environment.

Through these efforts, we aim to educate and inspire the next generation about the importance of renewable energy and sustainability, making a lasting impact on both the students and the community.


Our Community Fund – History

In 2020 we began working with national charity Energy Sparks – a school specific energy analysis tool supported by the UK Government – to deliver key stage curriculum materials to the kids. We also began offering a grant to help onboard teachers and school business managers at 20 schools to the platform.
In 2020 we:

  • forged a new relationship between Brighton & Hove City Council’s Energy Team and Energy Sparks
  • held a skills-share meeting with fellow community energy group, BHESCo, to ensure their solar schools could get on board
  • attended various events for Head Teachers, Business Managers and pupils

In 2018, BEC’s Community Fund pivoted to Renewable Energy Education, partnering with OVESCO, a Sussex-based community interest company since 2007. They drive local zero-carbon initiatives and deliver educational workshops. BEC sponsored assemblies and workshops at Solar Schools, expanding until disrupted by the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown.

In 2017, BEC members allocated the community fund to Energise Sussex Coast (ESC) in Hastings, collaborating to launch a community share offer. The funds covered ESC’s promotional materials and share offer document. With BEC’s backing, ESC linked investors with deprived areas, pioneered solar projects, boosted capacity, cut energy costs, and fostered community engagement.

In 2016, BEC members diverted funds to Brighton and Hove Energy Services Coop (BHESCO) for their ‘Warmth For Wellbeing’ program, enhancing home comfort and cutting energy costs for struggling residents. BHESCO conducted 200+ free energy surveys in Brighton. BEC’s support enabled home energy assessments and installations for vulnerable individuals in Brighton and Hove.

The BEC team also regularly engages in a variety of community initiatives:

  • Speaking at local events and to the medai on carbon reduction and fuel poverty
  • Providing case studies for renewable energy education
  • Consulting with Brighton & Hove City Council on energy strategies.
  • mentoring other community energy groups
  • Hosting international delegations.
  • Contributing to academic projects.
  • and offering renewable energy advice to households and businesses.