By joining BEC you’ll be supporting a community-owned initiative having an impact on climate change.

We rent roofspace, install solar panels and sell our hosts solar electricity at a discounted rate to grid electricity.

We run workshops and assemblies to teach kids and staff about energy – and saving carbon.

Large-scale solar projects in Sussex

Total investment raised in the community (£)

Clean Power Generated Each Year (MWH)

Ethical Investments not fossil fuel

Joining Brighton Energy

Joining BEC means you’ll be supporting a positive local community effort to build clean renewable energy in Sussex.

We have exciting new community solar projects starting in the pipeline; the maximum investment is £100,000 and the minimum is £300. For more details on investing in Brighton Energy Co-operative and supporting our work see here.

Clean Business Electricity at a Decent Price

Your roof is an invaluable resource to reduce carbon and bolster your pocket.

We rent your roof space and then offer you cheap electricity from the solar panels overhead.

This can save your business thousands of pounds a year on electricity bills, just as we do with our fifty current partners – and a large chunk of your energy goes carbon-free.

Members of Brighton Energy Co-op

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