Compare Business Electricity Prices

Brighton Energy Coop offers an innovative solution to reducing your energy bill. We switch our landlords’ energy usage to affordable electricity from our solar panels. Any additional electricity that you need comes from the national grid.

We currently work with 50+ organisations – from small businesses to local councils. We’ve been owning and operating high-performance solar PV systems for twelve years – consistently delivering lower rates on electricity bills.

Our partners include:

  • Local Authorities such as Brighton and Hove City Council & Adur and Worthing District Council
  • Business Owners including ports, leisure centres, museums, engineering companies, logistics hubs, football clubs and many other business premises – even a wine estate!
  • Colleges, Universities and Schools including The University of Brighton, Greater Brighton Metropolitan College & thirteen local schools.

Lower Rates for Small Businesses – Case Study: Refine Metals, Surrey

By hosting BEC solar Refine Metals in Surrey save more than £7000 each year on electricity costs. As part of their energy plan for energy use, Refine signed a long-term contract to buy electricity from BEC at a discounted rate – the bottom line is that Refine saves more than 40 tonnes of carbon each year.

BEC’s Refine Metals project was developed by the Brighton Energy Coop team and installed by GenerationFIT.

Annual Savings on Refine's Electricity Bill (£)

CO2 Emissions Saved (tons per year)

A Decently-Priced Electricity Bill

The average price of business electricity for business customers has been rising steadily for twenty years. A key factor has been the wholesale price of electric rates. Indications from business energy suppliers are that an elevated wholesale price will continue to keep business electricity costs high for at least the next five years.

BEC’s solar electricity is priced at a substantially discounted unit cost compared to your current supplier, and offers our hosts predictable energy costs per kilowatt hour for years to come.

To offset market uncertainty, many business consumers are looking for longer terms for their energy bills than their current contract. We offer fixed rate energy contracts from our solar systems, giving commercial businesses peace of mind on their energy bills. It’s worth nothing that business energy contracts have only recently been capped in the UK (the bills of residential customers have been capped for years) and it’s still not clear about future energy charges.

Lowering Energy Charges – Case Study – Portslade Academy, West Sussex

Portslade Aldridge Community Academy collaborates with Brighton Energy Coop to house 400 community-owned solar panels.

The solar supplements the school’s energy use provides with cheap electricity and saves thousands on their electricity bills each year. These systems generate a substantial proportion of the electricity use at the school; the PV system was developed by our in-house team and was built by GenerationFIT.

Annual Savings on PACA's Electricity Bill (£)

CO2 Emission Saved (tons per year)

Free Solar Consultancy

Refine Metals-BEC

We’re on hand to help guide you through the process of your next energy contract and the needs of your business. Having operated large rooftop solar systems for twelve years (see details of all our projects here), we have all the required knowledge – from understanding how solar will impact your electricity consumption to system design to commissioning.

We worked closely with Brighton Energy to install solar PV on our four sites in Worthing and Brighton. BEC have been helpful, responsive to our requirements, and really straightforward to work with.” (April 2021)

Jon Rollings

Head of Facilities, Greater Brighton Metropolitan College

Get in Contact and reduce your energy bill

Becoming a BEC partner means a significant portion of your electricity supply comes from green energy – and a better deal for your business energy bill. If you’re interested in our energy solutions drop us a line for a business electricity comparison. We’ll be right back to you to discuss the best fit for your energy needs.



Do you pay more for Business electricity?

As of 2022, yes. Historically, business electricity has been cheaper than for residential customers. But when energy prices shot up in 2022, the price cap on residential electricity prevented residential increases (for a while), while business energy customers felt the full force of the price increase.


What are current business electricity rates in the UK?

Here at BEC we see business energy prices ranging from 35p per kilowatt hour up to a 75p per kilowatt hour rate. It’s a changeable market – and the exact rate will depend on your energy supplier.