Joining Brighton Energy Co-op – all you need to know!

By joining Brighton Energy Co-op you’ll be part of a growing movement that’s leading the transition to low carbon renewable energy.


Brighton Energy Coop Share Offer 2022-3

Step 1 - Check out our Share Invitation documentation
Projected Interest Rate: 5%/ 3.5%*
Minimum investment: £300
Maximum investment: £100,000
Fundraise target: £482,050
Share offer closes: 28/2/2023

*First Interest payment (yearly thereafter): April 2024. First two years’ interest is expected to be 5%; 3.5% thereafter

Have a swipe through our share offer invitation document for more details (you can see it below or download it here). This tells you about what we’re doing, and what it means to invest money into BEC and become a BEC member.

Step 2 - Have a look at our new solar projects

Check out our new solar projects. This is what your money will be invested in.

Step 3 - Have a look at the BEC organisation

In the last few years BEC has grown substantially. To see how the organisation that you’re joining is performing, have a look at our 2021 accounts below, or download them here. You can see other documents relating to BEC as an organisation here.

Step 4 - Make your Investment

You can make your investment online via our page here.